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Welcome to my site where I share with you the inside scoops and newest tips and tricks on modern fashion, how to partner with brands, DIY’s, which Pinterest recipes to try AND MORE! I'm here to connect you to basically anything and everything lifestyle.

I was born a creative junkie, always finding joy in the many ways of expressing myself, and possessed a passion for leading and teaching others.

In October 2017, I discovered a new form of expression; modeling. Modeling not only gave me another avenue to express myself, but launched me into the "social media" life; a life I would very quickly find interest in.

The more I learned about partnering with brands, how to interact with photographers at photoshoots, and the newest trendy fashion, the more I had this urge to share my knowledge with others.

My hybrid style of vibrant creativity and spirited storytelling has led me to work with brands like Forever21, Daniel Wellington, HappySocksBootayBag, Lulus and a few local businesses in my area.

As my skills and experience grows, I endeavor to become a connection for aspiring Social Media Influencers to learn from and empower women to follow their joy.

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Follow your joy

Follow your joy
— Millie Arnold