If you’re an Influencer who is struggling to grow your personal brand on Instagram, I have great news for you…

you have your very own personal instagram coach! ME!

Before you turn away and keep trying to battle the algorithm on your own, let me answer this question for you…

“What the heck makes lil ol me qualified to coach AMAZING Influencers like you?”

So allow me to introduce myself…my name is Millie, I was born a creative junkie, always finding joy in the many ways of expressing myself, and I have a deep passion for leading and teaching others.

A little bit of background? My corporate business experience is rooted in Business Relations and Project Managing. My job is literally to help people plan each and every step to achieve an overarching goal and to give advice to over 1,000 companies nationwide to help them grow their businesses.

Now, when it comes to the Instagram world, I’ve been active on Instagram about a year now, studying anything and everything I can related to that platform. I’ve purchased online training courses, templates, attended webinars, brunches, and so much more.

The combined knowledge and experience I’ve gained on Instagram and at work, naturally lead me to coach my friends and family on their Instagram pages. Without even trying, I was receiving messages from my followers asking me to coach them! That’s when I knew it was time to make it official.

So here I am today, SO incredibly excited to meet each and every one of you. My passion is to help others follow their joy, and I can’t wait to help you follow yours.

Let’s do this thing!