Website Launch and FIRST Announcement


Welcome everyone!

If you are reading this then that means my Instagram has hit 5k followers and my website is officially live! Thank you so much for all of your support, I wouldn't be here without each and every one of you standing by my side. Go ahead, roam around this new place, learn something you never knew, discover my little pockets of joy, maybe say hi if you get around to it. Either way, welcome! 

As you may see, my website is portfolio focused right now. This is for future companies and photographers I will be working with. It might seem a little small but that is because there are so many different directions I plan to grow and explore with you!

Lets talk about the next journey I will be embarking on...

As I continue to grow, it is important to me that I continue to stay connected with you and keep you in the loop of my crazy roller coaster life. I decided that one of the best ways to do that now-a-days is with a blog:

My blog will launch when I reach 6,000 followers!!

In the meantime I am preparing blog posts so that I can keep my activity consistent throughout my Instagram AND website. I know how frustrating it can be as a follower to go weeks without an update from your favorite blogger. Don't you worry for one second, of course I have a plan to avoid leaving you empty handed.

That's all I have for you guys for now. Thanks again for all the love. I absolutely can't wait to reach the next goal together.

Keep finding your joy,

- Millie