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Hi there,

I’m Millie, a social media enthusiast, creative junkie and “Lifestyle Project Manager” with a passion for guiding and encouraging others.

Applying the concepts I’ve learned from being a real-life Project Manager and growing my own personal brand from scratch, I guide Influencers like you toward simplified ways of managing your budding business. From brand collaborations to figuring out the Instagram algorithm, I am here to help you increase your efficiency—all because I believe you deserve to find joy and satisfaction in being the best boss babe you can be without wasting time!

Running a successful business doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated.

IT IS POSSIBLE to make your Influencer dreams a reality.

There has always been something inside of me that loves to plan and organize.  There were many signs that pointed to this: When “playing” with my brothers Legos, I would separate them out by color. On Halloween, my favorite part was organizing the candy I gathered from Trick-or-Treating. In kindergarten I planned my entire birthday party, from making and sending out the invitations, to planning the decorations and organizing the games. I was so successful with my first party planning event, my mother allowed me to plan mine and my little brother’s parties every year after that.

So how did I go from organizing Halloween candy to helping Influencers effectively live out their dreams? It’s a long story, but let’s skip to the good part - the reason you’re here!

I found myself in the hospital with tears running down my face after my doctor told me I might not regain full mobility of my toes. This was crushing because I was a full time dance student on a dance scholarship at college. I also taught eight dance classes a week, while working part time at a busy cakery - all requiring me to be on my feet all the time. Can you tell…? I like keeping a full schedule. After receiving the results from the MRI, I had to drop out of dance and find a 9-5 “big girl” desk job since my road to recovery was looking at about a year. I landed the perfect job. One that would see the gifts inside of me and teach me much of what I am now ready to share.

During this pivotal season in my life I found joy in multiple ways of expressing myself without dance; photography, making videos, modeling, writing, baking, any and every way I could be creative, I was doing it. I started an Instagram page @adventureswithbootgirl (which has evolved to @itsmodernmillie since) sharing all the places I’d visit in my temporary boot and crutches. Nothing would stop me!

Four years later, I’m still with the same company. My big girl job became a boss girl job as a Project Manager. One day, I recognized the concepts I was absorbing from this position and began applying them to my own personal brand. THIS WAS A GAME CHANGER! The more I continue to learn, the more I have this urge to share my knowledge with others, leading me to you - right now!

My hybrid style of vibrant creativity, spirited storytelling and organization methods has allowed me to work with brands like Forever21, Daniel Wellington, HappySocks, BootayBag, Lulus and even a few local businesses in my area.

As my skills and experience grow, I endeavor to become the point-person for aspiring Social Media Influencers to learn from and a source of empowerment to women who want to grow their business without pulling their hair out or losing sleep. I’m so excited you’re here!

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Follow your joy


Follow your joy
— Millie Arnold